Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you visit the property

We typically visit 2 weekly or monthly to ensure everything is okay. 

How do you communicate with home owners

We send a copy of the checklist after each visit.  The checklist is timestamped and geotagged. Any issues found are photographed and added to the checklist. 

How do you handle emergencies

You will be contacted immediately by phone or video call. We will take immediate action to prevent any escalation of the issue and then discuss your preferred method for rectifying the problem.

What are your fees for services

We do not advertise fees. Everybody needs are different. Checklists vary from one property to another. Fees are based on size, location frequency of visits.

Do you offer live video walk-throughs

Yes we offer live video walk-throughs to give you a more in person experience.

Do you do home sitting

No. We are not home sitters. We provide home inspection services. The exception to this is if you need someone to stay periodically to meet conditions your insurance company has imposed.

Do you have liability Insurance

Yes we carry public liability insurance to ensure you are protected during our visit

Is my home fully insured while vacant for extended periods

Please read your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and/or contact your insurance company to see if you are covered by your current policy.

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