Concierge services can provide a range of benefits for absentee owners

Overall, concierge services can help absentee owners to manage their property and take care of various tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of ownership without having to spend a lot of time and effort on day-to-day management while you are away.

Property managementA concierge service can take care of tasks related to managing the property, such as  maintaining the grounds, and handling repairs. This can be particularly useful for absentee owners who do not live near the property and may not be able to handle these tasks themselves.
SecurityA concierge service can help to ensure the security of the property by keeping an eye on it while the owner is away and taking measures to prevent break-ins or other security threats.
Weather eventA concierge service can be especially useful if there is a weather event coming. Securing outdoor furniture, surfboards, checking boat and jetskis are secure before and after a cyclone. For absentee owners who may not have the time or resources to handle this task themselves this can be a good service to have available
Personal assistanceWe offer personal assistance to absentee owners, such as helping with pre arrival arrangements, setup the the outdoor area, check the BBQ is ready to go. You can provide a shopping list and we can stock the fridge with food and beverages before you arrive. Departure check…… did I empty the fridge?, put the garbage out?, lock the all doors and windows? If you are not sure we can check to see every thing is okay.
Vehicle CareVehicle inspection, car washes, check the tires, make sure it starts.
Charge battery if necessary, take for short drive. Provide access to mobile car detailers or service people.

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Other Services You May Be Interested In

Home Watch Services

A regular detailed inspection of your property while you are away. Using a systematic approach to identify any obvious issues.

Key Holding Services

We offer a key holding service for your convenience. Guests arriving? Tradesmen need access? Getting a delivery? Locked yourself out?

Apartment and Condominium Inspections

We can help with pre arrival setup. Basic food and beverage shopping to get you started. Setup outdoor living areas. Vehicle start checks